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I did a lot of research before choosing a moving company. My husband and I are relocating to Chile and needed to ship less than a container load. Every company has their own bad stories, which is perfectly normal in the course of business. OSI has a better business bureau rating, was the cheapest, and wasn't involved in any lawsuits like other moving companies. All good signs.

When receiving a quote, I talked with Kevin to go over all the charges that the quote said it did not include to find out when (not if) we were going to be charged more. Seriously, we went through every line item. Initial quote was $665, when we wanted to add a couple more cubic feet, I had Kevin revise the quote to the proper amount which he said was $693. This quote includes 40 cubic feet.

My final invoice, which I have yet to pay, is $2,693 for 90 cubic feet. Huh? That's right we are being charged for 90 cubic feet when we are shipping 40 cubic feet. All the extra charges are for overage charges, which Kevin would assure me I would not be subject to. To OSI's credit, Jennifer, in invoicing, is looking over the measurements and asking for pictures of the pallet. But this is a pretty classic moving company scam. I used to work in shipping myself so I know how it goes. Hopefully, I can update this post with a mutually beneficial solution, but just goes to show you even when you CYA and ask for all the facts companies leave things out and try to charge you what ever you want.

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After going over my paper work with the company, it looks like I am not allowed to post all these communications online because they are privileged information So I will most likely not be able to sue them if any thing goes wrong. AAHHHHH.

looks like they CYA waaaaay better than I do.

I'm trying to get this post removed, but I am screwed. If there is a favorable resolution or a worse one, I'll let y'all know, but until then don't read any of this.

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